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Chan for Congress

Empowering Our Communities

Imagine a future where communities are empowered to elect representatives who look out for their best interest and who are not beholden to corporations and special interest groups.


It’s not a novel idea. It’s basically - the Constitution.


Has America ever been more divided than it is now? Do you feel safe and secure in this America? Has either political party kept its promises to you? Is this the America you want to live in? 


It took a civil war and multiple generations of civil rights leaders, community organizers, and labor movements for this country to embrace the freedoms guaranteed to all by our constitution. And now, at this moment, we are watching our freedoms erode right in front of our eyes.

It is with this urgency and great respect for our country, that Sea Chan has decided to seek election in 2022 in the 9th Congressional District of Washington. 


Sea Chan is a Chinese American son of an immigrant. His father fled his country in the middle of the night and swam through shark infested waters to escape a brutal regime that was ruled by secrecy, fear, and intimidation. He risked his life to come to America because he wanted to live in a country where democratic principles protected citizens from coercion and the corruption of power. 


Many Americans have completely lost faith in their elected officials and in the democratic process altogether. How can this faith be restored? Sea Chan believes that our only chance to preserve democracy and protect our future is to empower our communities. Politicians must be held accountable by strong, vibrant communities who have thriving economies and healthy environments.


Communities must take responsibility for their own development and safety, despite the fact that their city, state, and federal governments have often abandoned them. In the 9th Congressional District of Washington, Sea Chan is working with leaders from diverse ethnic, social, and political party lines to create a coalition dedicated to empowering our communities. 


Sea Chan holds a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management, obtained after a decade working on ships around the world and across the country utilizing his Bachelor's Degree in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation as a merchant mariner.


Ask yourself...Do I want to be led by corporate owned politicians or by working class leaders who know what it's like to struggle, work to pay for higher education, and provide for your family by serving your country?

Whatever your choice, you must accept responsibility for the America YOU create. 

A proud Navy officer, Sea Chan is dedicated to protecting this country.


He believes it is irresponsible to continue funding merit-less wars that cost the lives of brave Americans who serve because they believe in a dream that their government is unwilling to invest in. 

The future policies of the American government must be written by the people.

Let’s work together to create that reality. 

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